Monday, July 14, 2014

CPA Marketing

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Google Panda Update Today

Google’s Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that they have released version 4.0 of theGoogle Panda algorithm.
Google’s Panda algorithm is designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results.
But didn’t Google stop updating us on Panda refreshes and updates since they aremonthly rolling updates? Yes, but this is a bigger update.
Panda 4.0 must be a major update to the actual algorithm versus just a data refresh. Meaning, Google has made changes to how Panda identifies sites and has released a new version of the algorithm today.
Is this the softer and gentler Panda algorithm? From talking to Google, it sounds like this update will be gentler for some sites, and lay the groundwork for future changes in that direction.
Google told us that Panda 4.0 affects different languages to different degrees. In English for example, the impact is ~7.5% of queries that are affected to a degree that a regular user might notice.
Here are the previous confirmed Panda updates, note, that we named them by each refresh and update, but 4.0 is how Google named this specific update:
  1. Panda Update 1, Feb. 24, 2011 (11.8% of queries; announced; English in US only)
  2. Panda Update 2, April 11, 2011 (2% of queries; announced; rolled out in English internationally)
  3. Panda Update 3, May 10, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  4. Panda Update 4, June 16, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  5. Panda Update 5, July 23, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  6. Panda Update 6, Aug. 12, 2011 (6-9% of queries in many non-English languages; announced)
  7. Panda Update 7, Sept. 28, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  8. Panda Update 8, Oct. 19, 2011 (about 2% of queries; belatedly confirmed)
  9. Panda Update 9, Nov. 18, 2011: (less than 1% of queries; announced)
  10. Panda Update 10, Jan. 18, 2012 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  11. Panda Update 11, Feb. 27, 2012 (no change given; announced)
  12. Panda Update 12, March 23, 2012 (about 1.6% of queries impacted; announced)
  13. Panda Update 13, April 19, 2012 (no change given; belatedly revealed)
  14. Panda Update 14, April 27, 2012: (no change given; confirmed; first update within days of another)
  15. Panda Update 15, June 9, 2012: (1% of queries; belatedly announced)
  16. Panda Update 16, June 25, 2012: (about 1% of queries; announced)
  17. Panda Update 17, July 24, 2012:(about 1% of queries; announced)
  18. Panda Update 18, Aug. 20, 2012: (about 1% of queries; belatedly announced)
  19. Panda Update 19, Sept. 18, 2012: (less than 0.7% of queries; announced)
  20. Panda Update 20 , Sept. 27, 2012 (2.4% English queries, impacted, belatedly announced
  21. Panda Update 21, Nov. 5, 2012 (1.1% of English-language queries in US; 0.4% worldwide; confirmed, not announced)
  22. Panda Update 22, Nov. 21, 2012 (0.8% of English queries were affected; confirmed, not announced)
  23. Panda Update 23, Dec. 21, 2012 (1.3% of English queries were affected; confirmed, announced)
  24. Panda Update 24, Jan. 22, 2013 (1.2% of English queries were affected; confirmed, announced)
  25. Panda Update 25, March 15, 2013 (confirmed as coming; not confirmed as having happened)

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Official: Google Payday Loan Algorithm 2.0 Launched: Targets “Very Spammy Queries”

Monday, March 3, 2014

Matt Cutts about Paid Links

Check it here, what Matt Cutts explains about Paid Links. Read his post on Google Plus Post here.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Google SEO Changes in 2013

When looking backward on the reviews of Google SEO Changes in 2013, there are lots of things which were exciting news from Google. There are lots of changes in SEO Algorithm and SERP of Google which were not imagined by professional commonly.
Let’s have a look towards SEO 2013:
On the date of 26th Semptember’2013, Google announced their SEO Algorithm change which is named as Hummingbird Algorithm, however this algorithm was applied in practice since the end of August’2013. It was really a big new for SEO Professionals and Web Page owners, because it had been a long time after Penguin Update and nobody had imagined for an algorithm chance for Google SEO. After all it was a good and appraisable announcement from GoogleTM because all web sites owners concentrated on focusing for high quality and informative contents for their websites. Hummingbird SEO Algorithm is focusing more on On Page SEO, Content Quality, and Nature of the Website, so we can say that this time Google focused more on the better result for visitors/ consumers.  
After that, there was another change of Google, for which mostly peoples had left to think about, but always criticized by experts, That is Google Page Rank Update. This thing was taken as the biggest silence of GoogleTM because it had been a long time Google hadn’t taken any action to Page Rank Update it is when google updated their page rank on 4th Feb2' 2013 which was 8 month ago, there were lots of criticism about this particular thing and most of user had been given off to thing about Page Rank, as they were thing as Page Rank shall have remain no value now, but finally at the end of the year in morning of Dec 6, 2013 This huge thing was updated by Google while “Team was fixing a different backend service and did a PR update along the way” as stated by Matt Cutts, it was told as a rare page rank update.
At last but not the least, Google Team have really done such a good job by bringing such changes which will appreciate website owner to create some good and moral stuffs for their visitors.
Hope all you enjoyed year’ 2013 and the Year’ 2014 will bring some big good news for your Success.
Happy New Year’ 2014

Monday, December 9, 2013

Page Rank Update - Dec 6, 2013

Hello Friends.
There is good news for all blogs/ websites owners that Google Has Updated their PR in the morning of Dec 6, 2013. Google had not updated PageRank since a long time, actually the last update of Toolbar PageRank was on 4th Feb2' 2013 which 8 month ago. It is expected that the PR updated won't be again before 2014, Matt CuttsThe Head of the webspam team at Google told that “I would be surprised if that happened.” 
Check These Videos Below For Some Info. Thanks!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hummingbird Algorithm Update of Google

Hello guys! Hope all of you doing well,
I hope all you of you already knew about the Google’s latest updated for search result which is known as the Hummingbird Algorithm Update.
In fact Google strangely changed the SEO Algorithm when they initially announced Panda Algorithm Update in 2011 and from that time business owners and web page owners started to focus more on creating fresh & high quality content for their web pages to increase the Page Rank and SERP in Google, After that they updated Google Penguin Algorithm Update and Now recently Hummingbird Update.
Google recently announced their Hummingbird Algorithm Update on 26th Semptember’2013 although it had already been affected at the very end of August’2013; this algorithm change is probably the most effective and largest change which approximately affected more than 90% Google searches. The main motive of this ‘Hummingbird Algorithm Change is to help users by improving Google’s speed and capacity to reflect more matching/ accurate search result when users search for long-tail keywords in  In this way, the main sense behind the Hummingbird update is to make Google search result more human familiar and practical to solve queries.  For example: when we search ‘how to generate high traffic to my site every day. Previously Google was focusing their search result on ranking basis of keyword and webpage.
If your business has already a good On/Page and Off Page SEO strategies it won’t affect you negatively but may be proven more helpful for you and if you were focusing on short-tail keyword (one word/ two words) for your website and business may be it won’t harm you so much negatively, instead your Content Quality and Back links quality is more measurable thing for it.

>>> If any problem during your SEO and any decrements in your previous SERP please feel free to contact us through our e-mail. >>>

SEO Team,
Rational Cloud Technology.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SEO Tools Video

SEO Tools Video - Tutorial

Video For SEO Proofs - 1

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Search Engine Optimization

Easiest Way to Improve SEO Ranking and Traffic:

1. Register at (PR 7), put your website url in “Web Site Box” write something about you in “About Me Box” then pur your website url with anchor text in “About Me Box”

2. to (PR 8) with your google username and password, If you don’t have then create new one. Click on “Edit Profile” there is space to add website but this is nofollow link {not counted as Backlink} But, if your edit “About Me” section you can add your website & anchor text and get a Backlink

3. Get a Backlink from (PR 8). Stat counter is a popular website tracking tool. Here you will get Backlink from Statcounter Forum
   - Visit the Statcounter Forum and Register a new account. Put your website url in “Your Home Page Box” scroll down and “Save Changes”

4. Log in to your twitter account and click on the “setting” link in the top right hand corner of your screen. Click on the “Account” tab, Add your full blog website address (including http://......) into “More info url”, Add your url again (without the http:// and put a comma at the end of the url into the “One Link Bio” which will give you a Backlink, Don’t tick the “Protect my Updates” box as you want your updates to be made public then save.

5. Make a post to your blog website, Write a review of a product that you know personally and use it.

6. Submit an Article to 5 of the Top Article Directories,
   - Ezine Article (PR 6): Click on the “Submit Article” then complete registration form
   - Go Articles(PR 6): click “Submit Article” then click on “New Member” and complete the form
   - The Free Library (PR 6): click on the red “Submit Articles Free” at the top right hand side and complete the form
   - Article Alley (PR 5): click “Submit Articles” and complete the registration form
   - Article Dashboard (PR 5): Click on “Sign Up for a free account or learn more” link at the top of the right hand column
   - Article City (PR 5): no registration is required, at the left hand column click on “Submit An Article”, you won’t be able to edit your article once you have submitted it so be sure to check it before submitting.
   - Article Base (PR 5): Click on the blue “Submit Articles” button and register as a new author
   - Article Factory (PR 4): Click on the register tab on the top horizontal bar and complete the registration form
   - Search Warp (PR 4): Click on the “Sigh Up” text link in the top right hand corner of your screen and complete the New Author Registration
   - Easy Article (PR 4): click on the “Join” link and complete the registration form

7. Participate in Some Busy Forums, add your profile url and signature and make 2 post:
   - Digital Point Forum (PR 6)
   - Warrior Forum (PR 4)
   - WAHM Forum (PR 4)
   - Affiliate Marketing Forum (PR 4)
   - Associate Programs (PR 4)
   - Internet Marketing Forums (PR 3)
   - Talk Home Business (PR 3)
   - Money Talk Village (PR 1)
   - Earning Palace Forum (PR 3)

8. Submit your blog link to 5 top blog directories; this is another way to get free targeted traffic.  This job will increase your traffic and ranking power. check your e-mail, Click on the confirmation link to verify you and your site
   - Blog catalog
   - Bloglisting
   - Super blog directory
   - Blogflux
9. Promote Your Website Using Free Classified Ads-
   - Craig’s List
   - US Free Ads
   - Kijiji
   - Business Opportunity Classifieds
   - Oodle
10. Leave Comments on 5 Different Blogs, read the post/article and post a positive comment or criticizm, use the anchor text as name and put url in author information, can post html code in comment box

11. Get 2 New Backlink on High PR Websites, Article submission & Directory Submission are easier well known way get backlink for a website or register at (PR5) and update your profile with your url , register at (PR 7) and update your profile with webiste url

12. Submit your newsletter to & to, visit to find the list of 20 Ezine Directories.

13. Registe a Social Bookmark account and Bookmark your blog/website. ex. register at then submit your site

14. Be active at Yahoo Answers and let others know about your website. Answer the quesion then put your Url in source box.

15. Take Advantages from Web Article Directories, login and edit your profile then put your website url.

16. Registe at, verify e-mailm, then click on 'Make a New Lens' from the right hand side of the page, it will help you for backlink and to derive more traffic to your blog/ webiste

17. Register for your Google Webmaste Account and Upload the webmaster code to the body part of your website and verify your Google Webmaster Verification Step.

18. Set Up account at and put your Url within your profie information and you can also add some info and previous work information.

19.  Get some extra Traffic from Link Referral and add your Url at your profile info:
     - Members directory traffic
     - Referral based traffic
     - Search engine traffic
     - Link Referral Forum

20. Know about your competitors and reserch the resources that how they get traffics and use one of them

21. We can use traffic exchange to get leads, ex:Traffic Hoopla

22. Stay Active at least at One Busy Forum, stay more active

23. Now, Make a backlink at at least of one High PR webiste

24. If you are not satisfied, double all these steps, try to stay more active and High PR Social Networks

25. Submit Your Website Regularly to Search Engines and SUbmit Your url more at web directories

26. Try to creae some backlinks at High PR websites liike: PR7, PR8, PR9.

29. Ping Your site and Submit at Possibly more search engines.

30. Log in to your Google Webmaster Analytics to know about the activities on your website.

I hope these tips were helpful for you.
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