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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Internet Marketing Basics

When starting a job or a business related to Online Marketing and Online Promotions, it is very remarkable thing to understand that, which is the best resource to get higher business with lower effects and where we can higher numbers of visitors for websites. There are hundreds of platforms where websites can be promoted but as a marketing personals we must have a plan that where to start and where to focus more. The first step to success of marketing jobs is a proper plan to get the higher consumers and business.
According to my pasts’ years of experiences, I have realized that, social media marketing and promotions is always the best standing tool for internet marketing and web promotions. Social Media are the biggest platforms where we can find exact targeted visitors and costumers. Some Social Sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus can be more effective when starting a web promotion jobs but we must have to do it in well managed way. Like Setting up a Page or Group, updating post and information regularly, inviting friends/ peoples to like the page or join the group, Usages of Hash # Tags, mentioning peoples in post, including images etc.
If you are a professional Internet Marketer, you must have to be very honest with your jobs, you have to spend more time for your job and making new strategies to promote your business. So when starting a social media marketing job, you have to spend more time to engage targeted peoples in your page and group, make regular scheduled post on your page so that interested peoples will naturally come there.  Posting latest information and reaching more peoples can be the most effective tool to increase your business and audience.
Please note that, it is not about seo, it is about whole internet marketing and online promotion works. Search engines are the best way to get targeting organic visitors but it is never permanent, as a marketing person it is your duty to keep promoting your business and services regularly, the quick and easy way to promote a business is social media, besides these, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr also among the biggest Social Platform and the can also turn huge business.
 For the second option I will suggest you to join some busy forums related to your business, which have very high numbers of registered users and active users, for example: Warrior Forum, join the community, update your profile with your web link and signature, then participate in forum threads posting and replies, here you can be able to grow your business and you can get high numbers of traffic to your webpage easily.
If you are capable and willing to spend some money in promotion, facebook campaign can also be the best tool to find targeted visitors and costumers. So If you are as Internet Marketer I will strongly suggest you to be more active on Social Media to get high numbers of visitors and consumers to your website forever.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Toolbar Page Rank

It has been a long time, Google haven't updated their Tool Bar Page Rank. And It has been a long time that I haven't seen its effect on any means, like no effect in any ranking terms of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. In my view, the Toolbar Page Rank has nothing left now, because Google is having less attention about it. As we already know that the last Toolbar Page Rank update was on Dec 6th, 2013 and before that the update was on 4th Feb2' 2013. In this way we can see Google is taking long time to update the Toolbar Page Rank of websites
In these mean time I thought a lot about Page rank of websites and haven't seen any huge effect of it on search engine optimization and searching marketing works.  As previously there were major effects of Higher Page Rank sites' to rank other websites among search engine and to keywords, and as it is true lots of internet marketing persons were spamming it for high page rank link marketing.
It has been more than 9 months now that Google haven't updated the Page Rank but yet they haven't said anything about it, so let's hope it will be updated by this moth or next month, if not then I will believe that it is a dead term.

Monday, July 14, 2014

CPA Marketing

Hi, if you are an internet marketing person I would like to share something useful with you for CPA marketing. Here you can get lots of stuff related to CPA marketing and tips for it. Visit the site and find lots of information related to CPA Marketing, Best CPA Networks, and CPA offers etc. To join this site you don’t need your own products/ websites, and you won’t need to pay to start. Join the site and grow your business. I followed the tips and found it so much useful for me.

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